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Sump pumps are regular features in Arlington basements and crawl spaces. They act as a rigid defense mechanism against the force of water at the foundations of homes. In 1987, they were added to building code under the U.S. Federal Clean Water Act.

Sump pump working too often or too hard? Not switching on during and after storms? Is water stuck in the well and producing a foul smell? We install and replace all kinds of water management systems — often with next day service. Use the contact form above to get started.

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  • WELCOME is an online resource of Basement Detective. We install and service sump pumps in Arlington County and other parts of Northern Virginia. To schedule a free inspection of your equipment, please call (703) 684-0860 or complete the contact form at the upper left. Under normal conditions, an inspector can be dispatched within 12 to 24 hours. Next day service is often available.